9 Factors in Heat Pipe Leaks

  Water leakage in underground pipeline network is a complex and multifactorial problem. After an in-depth analysis of the phenomenon of heat pipe leakage, we found that its main reasons can be attributed to a number of aspects. First of all, the quality of pipes and fittings is a major hidden problem of water leakage. Secondly, the quality of joint welding is also directly related to the safe operation of the pipeline. In addition, the implementation of pipeline anti-corrosion and thermal insulation measures, the impact of other engineering construction, water pressure and water hammer, traffic loads and soil settlement, the impact of low temperature in winter, water quality and pipeline age and other factors, may become the trigger of leakage "culprit". These factors are intertwined, making the leakage of underground pipeline network a problem that cannot be ignored. Therefore, for the heat pipe and other key facilities, we need to pay close attention to its operational status, timely detection and repair of leaks to ensure the safety of water supply, reduce economic losses, and enhance the social benefits of enterprises.


pipeline leak detector

  (1) The quality problem of pipes and fittings is one of the important factors leading to water leakage.

  (2) The unqualified quality of joint welding is also one of the reasons for the frequent occurrence of water leakage.

  (3) The imperfection of pipeline anticorrosion and heat preservation measures will also cause water leakage.

  (4) Improper operation during the construction of other projects may also cause damage to the pipeline, resulting in water leakage.

  (5) Excessive water pressure or water hammer will damage the pipe structure, resulting in water leakage.

  (6) Excessive traffic loads and environmental factors such as soil settlement can also put pressure on the pipeline, resulting in water leakage.

  (7) Water leakage can also occur due to thermal expansion and contraction if the pipe is buried shallowly under low winter temperatures.

  (8) Poor water quality can accelerate corrosion inside the pipe, which can lead to water leakage.

  (9) Pipes that have been used for too long, beyond their design life, are also an important cause of water leakage.

  How to solve pipeline leakage


pipeline leak detector

  You can use thermal pipeline leak detector to find out the leakage point, when the water supply pipe leakage, water escapes under pressure will produce a noise, this noise will spread along the pipeline to both sides, or along the medium spread to the ground, thermal pipeline leak detector is to pick up the sound of this leakage, and converted into an electrical signal, after the corresponding amplification and digital filtering. Corresponding amplification and digital filtering to determine the exact location of the leakage point. This is the traditional acoustic detection method for water leakage detection. In the area of 2m in diameter, the exact location can be determined directly by listening to the leakage tube. The sound heard is the clattering sound of water flowing out of the ruptured pipe.

  Thermal pipeline due to long-term corrosion aging, load vibration, pipeline and construction quality, age and many other factors, leakage occurs from time to time. Some of these leaks, due to various reasons, the leakage of water did not manage to backflow to the ground, forming an imperceptible dark leakage, resulting in a large loss of valuable finished water. However, the timely detection and repair of these hidden leaks is of great significance to the leakage control of water supply and water use units, which not only saves a lot of economic losses, but also eliminates potential safety hazards and enhances the economic and social benefits of the enterprise.

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