Principle and Usage Scenarios of Dike Surge Detector

  Levee Pipe Surge Detector is an advanced electric exploration instrument, which analyzes and judges the change of resistivity below the levee and measures the electric field components of several different frequencies in the natural electric field, so as to study the abnormal changes generated by the geologic body below the levee. This method can accurately find out the leakage point of pipe surge of embankment dam, the leakage point of anthill, the leakage point of bedrock foundation, as well as the geological body such as hollow, moving soil, anthill, etc., and it has a very good detecting effect for the exploration of engineering disasters such as embankment dam.


  As an important part of water conservancy projects, the safety of embankment dams is directly related to the safety of people's lives and properties. However, due to natural factors, human factors and other reasons, embankment dams often have problems such as pipe surge leakage. If these problems are not found and dealt with in time, they will have a serious impact on the safety and stability of embankment dams. Therefore, the emergence of the dam surge detector for dam safety monitoring and early warning provides a powerful technical support.

  The working principle of the dam surge detector is based on the analysis of resistivity change. There are differences in resistivity between different media, and when abnormalities such as pipe surge leakage and anthills occur below embankment dams, the resistivity of the geologic body in these areas will change. The instrument is able to capture information about these resistivity changes by measuring multiple electric field components of different frequencies in the natural electric field. Through in-depth study of the pattern of change of these electric field components, the instrument is able to accurately determine the abnormal changes in the geological body below the embankment dam, and then determine the location of the leakage point of the pipe surge.

  In practical application, the embankment pipe surge detector shows excellent performance. It can quickly and accurately find out the leakage point of pipe surge, anthill leakage point and other geological bodies below the embankment dam, which provides accurate positioning and quantitative information for the restoration work. At the same time, the instrument also has the advantages of easy operation and fast data processing, which can greatly improve work efficiency and accuracy.

  In addition to the levee pipe surge leakage problem, the levee pipe surge detector can also be used to detect other types of engineering disasters. For example, it can be used to find out the leakage points of bedrock foundations, cavities, moving soil, ant holes and other geologic bodies, providing important reference information for engineering design and construction. The acquisition of such information helps to prevent and solve potential safety hazards in advance, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the project.

  The dam pipe surge detector also has a wide range of application scenarios. It is not only suitable for dam safety monitoring in large-scale water conservancy projects, but also can be applied to small and medium-sized reservoirs, river embankments and other places. Whether it is a new project or the safety assessment of the existing project, the dam surge detector can play an important role.

  The Pipe Surge Detector is an excellent tool for geological exploration based on resistivity change analysis. It can accurately find out the leakage point of dam pipe surge and other geological bodies, providing strong technical support for the exploration of dams and other engineering disasters. With the continuous development and improvement of technology, the dam surge detector will play a more important role in the future water conservancy project, and make a greater contribution to safeguarding the safety of dams and maintaining the safety of people's lives and properties.

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