pqwt water detector operation guide

  As an indispensable part of family life, the integrity of water pipes is directly related to the convenience and safety of our lives. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to use pqwt water detector. In this article, we will introduce the operation steps of pqwt water detector in detail to help you better master its use.

pqwt water detector

  1. Preparation

  Before using pqwt water detector, we need to do the following preparations:

  (1) Check whether the device is intact, including the host, headphones and sensors and other components are complete and undamaged;

  (2) Ensure that the equipment has sufficient power so that the operation will not be affected by insufficient power during the detection process;

  (3) Understand the direction and layout of the pipeline, in order to be able to accurately determine the location of the leakage point in the detection.

  2.Operation Steps

  (1) Connect the equipment: connect the host, headphones and sensors to ensure a solid and reliable connection;

  (2) Turn on the switch: Press the switch of the device to start the pqwt water detector;

  (3) Wear the headset: wear the headset so that you can clearly hear the sound signal captured by the sensor;

  (4) Place the sensor: gradually place the sensor on the road surface above the pipeline, move it in certain steps and listen to it. Note that the closer to the leak, the stronger the signal, the farther from the leak the weaker the signal;

  (5) Comparison of signal strength: By comparing the signal strength between different points, find out where the strongest signal is, that is, where the possible leak is located;

  (6) Consideration of additional factors: in the detection process, we should consider the direction of the leakage point breakage, pipe tees and bends, the size of the water pressure, the depth of the pipe and the buried layer and other factors on the detection results.


  (1) In the operation process, keep patience and careful, do not rush;

  (2) Avoid using the equipment in a strong electromagnetic interference environment, so as not to affect the accuracy of the test results;

  (3) For beginners, it is recommended to practice the operation under the guidance of professionals first, and gradually familiarize with and master the operation skills;

  (4) Regular maintenance and repair of the equipment to ensure its long-term stable operation.

  Although the operation of pqwt water detector seems to be simple, it requires certain skills and patience. Only mastered the correct operation method, and fully consider a variety of factors that may affect the detection results, we can accurately identify leaks, for the family plumbing maintenance to provide effective help. We hope that through the introduction of this article, you can better grasp the use of pqwt water detector, for the convenience and safety of family life.

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