The working principle of online leakage monitor of pipe network

What is the role of pipe network online leakage monitor

  With the acceleration of urbanization and the complexity of urban water supply system, the leakage of pipe network has become an important problem affecting the efficiency of water supply and urban water resource management. As an efficient detection tool, online leakage monitor can monitor the operation status of water supply pipe network in real time, discover leakage problems in time, and guarantee the safe and stable operation of water supply system. In this paper, we will introduce the principle, technical characteristics and application areas of online leakage monitor.

  Pipe network online leakage monitor through the sensor and data analysis technology, real-time monitoring of pipe network flow, pressure and other parameters. Its basic working principle includes:

principle of online leakage

  1. Sensor detection:

  Flow meters and pressure sensors are installed at key nodes of the pipeline network and locations prone to leakage. These sensors can monitor the water flow and pressure changes in the pipeline in real time.

  2. Data acquisition and transmission:

  The data collected by the sensors are transmitted to the central control system via wireless or wired network. The data transmission adopts efficient and stable communication protocols to ensure the real-time and accuracy of the data.

  3.Data analysis and processing:

  The central control system analyzes and processes the transmitted data, and uses the leakage detection algorithm to identify abnormal flow and pressure changes, so as to determine whether there is leakage in the pipe network.

  4. Alarm and localization:

  Once the abnormality is detected, the system will issue an alarm and combine with the geographic information system (GIS) to precisely locate the leakage location, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to deal with it in time.

principle of online leakage

  Technical features

  Pipe network online leakage monitor has the following technical features:

  1. High-precision sensor:

  Equipped with high-precision flow meters and pressure sensors to ensure the accuracy of the detection data, providing a reliable basis for leakage judgment.

  2. Real-time monitoring:

  Real-time monitoring of pipe network operation status, timely detection of leakage problems, to avoid the expansion of leakage on the water supply system causing greater impact.

  3. Intelligent analysis:

  Adopting advanced data analysis algorithm, it can accurately identify the leakage signal, reduce the false alarm rate and improve the detection efficiency.

  4. Remote monitoring:

  Support remote data monitoring and management, the operator can understand the pipe network operation status and remote troubleshooting anytime and anywhere through the network.

  5. Automatic alarm and localization:

  The system is equipped with automatic alarm function, combined with GIS technology, to realize the precise positioning of leakage point, which is convenient for quick maintenance.

  Application fields

  Pipe network online leakage monitor is widely used in the following fields:

  1. Urban water supply pipe network:

  In urban water supply system, the monitor is used for real-time monitoring of trunk pipelines and important nodes, timely detection and treatment of leakage problems, and improvement of water supply efficiency and safety.

  2.Industrial water system:

  The water supply network of industrial enterprises also needs monitors for real-time monitoring to ensure a stable supply of water for production and avoid production interruption and economic losses caused by leakage.

  3. Regional water supply system:

  In the regional water supply system, the monitor can carry out fine management of the zoning network, reduce leakage and improve the efficiency of water resources utilization.

  4.Building water supply system:

  In the internal water supply system of large buildings, the monitors are installed for real-time monitoring and timely detection of internal pipeline leakage to ensure the normal supply of water to the building.

  Pipe network online leakage monitor through real-time monitoring of pipe network operation status, the use of advanced sensing technology and data analysis algorithms, can find and locate leakage problems in a timely manner, and effectively improve the safety and operational efficiency of the water supply system. With the continuous development of technology, online leakage monitor will play an increasingly important role in urban water supply management and water resources protection, and become an important support for the construction of smart cities and sustainable development.

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