Geophysical detection equipment find water detector underground water scanner detector underground water pqwt s500

  • Product name: Groundwater Detector
  • Application: Water Detection
  • Usage: Borehole Drilling
  • Power supply: Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Display: LCD Touch Screen
  • Key words: Automatic Underground Water Detector
  • Frequency: Multiple Frequency
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Geophysical detection equipment find water detector underground 

water scanner detector underground water pqwt s500

Place of Origin
Hunan, China
Customized support
Brand Name
Model Number
Product name
S500 underground water detector
Power Supply
4000 MAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Industrial 7-inch HD touch screen
Measuring range
measure channal
Single Band, Triple Band, Multiple Frequency
Measuring Depth
Choose the depth 100/150/300/500m Underground
User group and Experts help on 24h
How to draw profile map and curve graph
Automatically Draw Curve Graph

Geophysical detection equipment find water detector underground water scanner detector underground water pqwt s500

Product Advantages :
1. Be suitable for plain, hill, mountain land, highland, basin all kinds of geologic structure application;
2. Automatic mapping in the instrument, get drilling position and depth result at site.
3. Professional user group offers 24 hours after sale service.
4. The average accuracy of more than 90% from user’s feedback.
5. Four languages including English/Spanish/French/Arabic are optional.
6. It is widely used for drinking water, agricultural irrigation water detection.
7. Non-professionals can learn the operation way in 5 minutes.
8. only 1-2 people can operate.
9. Two years warranty.

Product Description

Introduction to Instrument 

PQWT-S500 Choose depth 100/150/300/500M water find detector

The Instrument called as (Natural Electric Field Frequency Selection System) geophysical instrument, shortly known as frequency system.

Instrument working on the principle of electrical difference of natural earth magnetic field, the several different frequencies of electromagnetic field changes is the law to study the underground field material changes to solve the Geological problems.

The measurement data is Self-potential, and the unit is millivolt.

Full automatic mapping water finder deep portable measuring instruments water detector

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Customer Feedback

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Hunan Puqi Geologic Exploration Equipment Institute is a professional institution in China who engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of pipe water leak detector, leakage automatic analyzer, geophysical prospecting underground water detector, cavity detector, mine locator, dam piping detector, Borehole inspection camera.


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